Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's Tamale day!

Hope and Allons-y
...or at least it was yesterday. Let me start by saying, hats OFF to any ladies and gents who make tamales more regularly than never. It was intense! Granted, we made several types of meat so it took longer but still. I wish now I had counted how many were made! That would have been fun to know. Our sweet friend Hope offered to teach us how to make tamales so we excitedly accepted her offer! It was so much fun.


We started our adventure around 1 pm, Hope and my grandparents left around 5pm...we finished wrapping everything about 10 pm. Not including how long we were cooking after. For our stove, it took on average 2 hrs to steam each batch. It made me realize I need a steam pot for myself! We only had my Mom's to work with so only one batch could be done at a time. O.O It was a LOT of fun and we are excited for next time! 

We ended the lovely day with some skip-bo and popcorn. (please excuse the Christmas boxes mess in the background, such is life sometimes.)


Brag on the hubby corner ...

I'd like to take this next section to brag on my honey! Since posting about us starting back to THM & exercise (well, just him right now), hubby weighed in later that day and he is down 2 LBS since his last weigh-in a week ago. WTG babe! So happy for you!!! Also, he bought me beautiful roses....


Okay, okay here comes the part where I lose my mind...oh who am I kidding? That was lost long ago. *snicker*. If you follow me on social media at all you that...I love Lilla Rose Flexi clips! Durable, flexible, comfortable, not to mention beautiful. Okay, I'll stop bragging about them and show you how EXCITED I am that they have just announced this release....

 EEEEEEEEE! It will be released on 1/25! It is a limited release so I predict they will be sold out in a flash, so you can be guaranteed I will be among the first. 

....and on the same day the stunning Feb FOTM will also be released! To allow plenty of time for you to get it for Valentine's. *hint, hint guys!* 

Look for these and other newly released styles on 1/25: 

Really, I'm not trying to be all "you have to buy this!", I just want to share something I really love! It has blessed my life since finding this company and it was SO affordable to join (under $50!) I did for the discount! (not to mention no monthly sales quotas EVER!) 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone. 

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