About Us

I { Joshua } am the eldest and only son of the Kaiser Family. I dearly love my wife whom I have been married to since 2010. I just graduated with my MBA in 2014 and am quite excited about the new opportunities this opens up for our family to grow financially. I am also proud of my family as I grew up a military brat, my father just retired recently after 30 years service in the Air Force. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for his service and for all those who have and are currently serving our country. May God bless you!

I {Megan} am the eldest child of the H.Family, I am married my sweet, hardworking, crazy smart husband Joshua since 2010. I am quite the introvert by nature that is not to say I don't love people, quite the opposite -- I just choose carefully where to use my energy. This is why blogging is so "easy" because I can be alone (where I gain my energy) and yap to my heart's content! My Mom and I have a blog {A-Good-Measure}. I have a passion for photography, writing aka rambling and website editing to this blog. I also l love partaking in her hobbies of crocheting, photo editing, camping and updating my gazillion blogs.