Monday, April 7, 2014

Allons-y is.....

You will have to forgive me if I go completely mushy about my sweet kitty baby. On June 27th my sweet hubby decided we should adopt a little kitty of our own. We started out by going to the ADL (animal defense league) - Joshie had also found out they were running a $20 special for adopting certain puppies or kitties that day. They only had two kitties at the ADL that we eligible for adoption that day, the rest were at local Petsmarts. We called the closest one (about 30min away) and rushed over to the location. I peered anxiously in at the two adorable kitties sleeping, awing over both of them. We waited for what seemed like forever for the employee to find the right key. He finally unlocked, and lifted a kitty into his arms - he was instantly purring. He gave him to me, I immediately wanted to bury my face in his soft fur. I unwilling took his information packet. It is very frustrating to do, however unlikely - someone could have taken the information also and beaten us back to the ADL and adopted him. I knew he was mine, and fast-fowarding we did get him and returned to collect him. I named him after my favorite Doctor Who characters catch phrase. 

Picture on the left is from the day we got him, on the right a picture from a few days ago. 

Percy (my Mom's kitty) quickly became fast friends, and love chasing one another and tumbling around. 

All the kitties having catnip (Marg is also my Mom's kitty) 

I love your sweet snuggles, and am so thankful God made you and saw fit to give you to me! 

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(catch up blog post) 1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways Challenge ~ Day 3

Here I DID day 3 and didn't get on the computer until it was too late! :( So here is my day 3 outfit! I got up and it was actually CHILLY, so I needed more layers and I was going to be out all day. I felt very pretty, and it was quite comfy for our road trip to Round Rock (to visit IKEA). I decided to add a belt because of the added bulk of layering - I secured it just below the smallest part of my body and secured the excess belt with a hair clip. I wanted to add I DO normally wear makeup but I couldn't find my foundation these last few days (UGH!) so I did without.

Orange Shirt, Red Sweater & Skirt: hand-me down: FREE! 
Belt: Walmart: $7 (same from yesterday) 
Earrings: gift from SIL
black boots: Walmart: $15?

Blog Post Teaser: 
The rain has kept me from finishing but I am in the middle of spray painting our new IKEA bed, black...

Have a lovely day!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways ~ Day 2

My darling baby sister, Charis (4M) styled this lovely outfit yesterday - she was eating so missed the "photo shoot" outside. 


Yesterday evening I had in mind to do a more "cowgirl" themed outfit today, I think I pulled it off. :) I really love how cute this outfit is without the jeans being baggy or too tight. I love any excuse to wear my fabulous boots too! This outfit was fairly simple to pair together, however I have never worn a button-up like this so it was fun to try it this way. I rolled up it up about half-way up and tuck it neatly at the smallest part of my body. Then I rolled the sleeves twice as well.

{ { outfit details } }

top: hand me down: free
cami: Forever21: $1.80
belt: Walmart: $7
earrings: Charming Charlies: $3?
necklace: charming charlies: $4
boots: Baskins: a LOT, I have blocked out the price! ;)


Kids will be kids and it was no way the same button up top will survived to the next day without some sort of stain. Anyway, she also was planning on a cowgirl theme with her outfit! It was not planned by either of us, so we were amused when we saw each others chosen attire. I am also a little envious of her shoes, but I do not think I could pull them off...

(button up) Top: thrifted: $0.75
cardigan: thrifted: $1.50
jeans: hand-me down: free
shoes: hand-me down from our grandmother: free
earrings: made by our Mom - (same from yesterday)

Have a wonderful day!!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways ~ Day 1

I've decided to join in on this three-day challenge from Fresh Modesty Blog! It can be quite challenging to be modest and feminine in today's world. but I decided a few years ago I would NOT let that hold me back. It can also be hard, because I've noticed anything clothing over a size 2 everyone (stores) decide you must want to look like a couch just because you are a little (or a lot) overweight! (UGH!) *steps off soapbox* Sadly, that means we have to hunt for items we love. It has taken me awhile but I finally love (mostly) everything in my wardrobe. :D I know it is shocking to those of you who know me, but I actually IRONED my shirt! ;) I am not normally crazy about orange, but I also took this challenge on to see if I could do it and love what I wore. I do! A funny fact as well, it seem I only own 3 button up shirts! Some of my outfit is "hand-me down" items, I LOVE finding "recycled" items from someone else has no more use for but is perfect for me (and better yet, it's free!) My skirt & shoes they no longer sell, but I have linked below a similar one for the skirt. Also as you can plainly see, I am NOT that size 2. However, I am working on it by exercising at the gym with hubby 3-4 times a week since January (and no it was not a New Year's resolution!). I lovingly encourage you do start doing the same, even if it is only a 30-min walk! Just that little thing will improve how your body feels everyday. You are more than welcome to follow along, and add me as a friend on MapMyFitness - I don't update daily but I am trying to be better about entering them in the same day (and I missed writing some down recently, even though I did them) (after you make an account or log-in simply search my name: "Megan Kaiser" and add me as a friend. Let me know if you have trouble doing this.

{ {  outfit details  } }

orange shirt: hand-me down: free
black ruffle tank: Walmart: $3
undershirt: Half-Tee
skirt: Cato's
shoes: Amazon: $32
Earrings: Charming Charlie's: $2
Bracelet: James Avery
Ring: My wedding band :D


My sister Kevyn always can "make up" the best outfits! So I asked her to model her outfit as well (also a button top for the challenge) :D

Top: Thrifted: $1.50
Skirt: Thrifted: $1.50
Boots: Walmart: $7
Earrings: Made by our Mom

Join in on this FUN challenge today, simply click on the photo below to find out more!

Have a wonderful day!

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