Friday, October 6, 2017

Adoption Update #1 & #2

Hi everyone! This week has been FULL. You commonly can find me or both of us buried in a pile of paperwork. My mind is mush mostly! So bear with me as I recount the last couple of weeks. Update one and two are mostly the same so I felt okay combining them. :D We decided to join up with Christian adoption consultants - Dawn and Jason Wright. We really love them and they are going to be invaluable I can already tell. They come in more after we start the home study, which we are also moving forward with that too.

Update #1

My goodness! The paperwork.

This is a pretty condensed version of the amount of paperwork. That binder is filled with paperwork just for the adoption consultants alone. Giving an overview of what will go into an adoption. That journal I am using to write to our future baby. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Here we have just some of the books I have on adoption that Josh and I are planning on reading. After this photo, I added more from the library and bought others.

I expanded on what is shown here because incredible what extent the paper is. This is kind of a dry and long update. I PROMISE the updates will not be this long, but it just took time to give a brief overview of things. ;) 

Update #2

Sorry, we were SO behind in posting these....there is no live update this week but you can tune in next week on our page. We will also try to be better about posting on here! :D Thank you all for your continued prayers. 


Friday, September 15, 2017

Moving forward

After many, many tests. Numerous emotional ups and downs on our infertility journey over the past six years and counting. We have realized that for now, God is moving us onto adoption for our family. According to our doctors, our only course is IVF - we still have mixed feelings about it and are not counting it out but for now, it is an expensive choice to name just one reason. For those unfamiliar with IVF, it can cost upwards of 20k. A staggering number to say the least. Our insurance does not cover or help with IVF costs. You can get grants but that is a whole other ball of wax. 

God is good. He is a promise-maker and a promise keeper! We hold fast to that knowledge as we trust Him, and cling to our hopes in Him.

The update for this week is that we have two skype interviews with adoption agencies. The costs with adoptions can greatly vary and a LOT of couples are out there trying to adopt as well! A blessing that presents its own challenges, the room fills up and you're placed on a waiting list with no more than an email saying "we'll keep in touch". It's hard but yay God! I'm so thankful for each person having a small part of God's heart. That's okay but it is hard to take already and we are just at the beginning of this journey. I for one am SO thankful for God sending me on this journey, I am learning new things alongside Josh left and right. Information overload! It is so amazing how much I was wrong, and the comfort to be found just in digging a little deeper, talking with friends who've been where we are. I ask for your prayers for our journey, and for these upcoming interviews. 

 We plan to use this blog, and our facebook page to keep you updated on our journey. I will plan to at least touch base weekly here on Fridays. We plan to even have live videos from our facebook page not sure what that will look like yet but we are excited! 

Blessings, Megan