Friday, February 20, 2015

Handwashing VS Dishwasher

Now don't get me wrong, I love having a dishwasher. It makes a very satisfying noise that I like to hear as it disinfects and dries them. I can happily move onto the next thing while it's working. However, even after replacing our broken dishwasher with another one that still doesn't work. I just am going to concur that we are not meant to have one at this time. There are also eleven of us living in one home, that makes the dishes a little crazy. To give you an idea we can be using six burners at once, we may look a little ghetto using a plug-in dual burner next to the cooktop but it gets the job done! Yeah, you know those cooktops that have six burners and you're thinking: "Why in the world would you need that many burners? When would I ever use them?"Yeah, we would. But, I'm getting off track dreaming about amazing cooktops and dual ovens (see how I threw those in the conversation too?)....but that is a post for another day. I am quite the lazy homemaker, so when I complete a load-full of dishes I feel my work is should be done. So I can easily talk myself out of the rest for some lame reason, normally: "Well, I have to wait for the dishwasher to finish anyway..." With handwashing, there isn't any of that for me. I can keep plugging away until the job is complete, with joy in my work. Yes, even when washing dishes for eight and not just two at times. ;)
 ( Disclaimer, we have plenty of hands to help with the dishes but if I'm already there I love washing until the job is complete! ) So while loving the dishwasher (when it works) I think I really prefer handwashing because while I don't get the satisfying noises of the dishwasher and I have more time on my feet at one time I love to look at the amount done on top of a towel, and then put it all away and not have to wait to complete my task. What are your thoughts? Handwash or Dishwasher? ;)

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Allons-y is.....

You will have to forgive me if I go completely mushy about my sweet kitty baby. On June 27th my sweet hubby decided we should adopt a little kitty of our own. We started out by going to the ADL (animal defense league) - Joshie had also found out they were running a $20 special for adopting certain puppies or kitties that day. They only had two kitties at the ADL that we eligible for adoption that day, the rest were at local Petsmarts. We called the closest one (about 30min away) and rushed over to the location. I peered anxiously in at the two adorable kitties sleeping, awing over both of them. We waited for what seemed like forever for the employee to find the right key. He finally unlocked, and lifted a kitty into his arms - he was instantly purring. He gave him to me, I immediately wanted to bury my face in his soft fur. I unwilling took his information packet. It is very frustrating to do, however unlikely - someone could have taken the information also and beaten us back to the ADL and adopted him. I knew he was mine, and fast-fowarding we did get him and returned to collect him. I named him after my favorite Doctor Who characters catch phrase. 

Picture on the left is from the day we got him, on the right a picture from a few days ago. 

Percy (my Mom's kitty) quickly became fast friends, and love chasing one another and tumbling around. 

All the kitties having catnip (Marg is also my Mom's kitty) 

I love your sweet snuggles, and am so thankful God made you and saw fit to give you to me! 

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