Friday, April 4, 2014

1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways ~ Day 2

My darling baby sister, Charis (4M) styled this lovely outfit yesterday - she was eating so missed the "photo shoot" outside. 


Yesterday evening I had in mind to do a more "cowgirl" themed outfit today, I think I pulled it off. :) I really love how cute this outfit is without the jeans being baggy or too tight. I love any excuse to wear my fabulous boots too! This outfit was fairly simple to pair together, however I have never worn a button-up like this so it was fun to try it this way. I rolled up it up about half-way up and tuck it neatly at the smallest part of my body. Then I rolled the sleeves twice as well.

{ { outfit details } }

top: hand me down: free
cami: Forever21: $1.80
belt: Walmart: $7
earrings: Charming Charlies: $3?
necklace: charming charlies: $4
boots: Baskins: a LOT, I have blocked out the price! ;)


Kids will be kids and it was no way the same button up top will survived to the next day without some sort of stain. Anyway, she also was planning on a cowgirl theme with her outfit! It was not planned by either of us, so we were amused when we saw each others chosen attire. I am also a little envious of her shoes, but I do not think I could pull them off...

(button up) Top: thrifted: $0.75
cardigan: thrifted: $1.50
jeans: hand-me down: free
shoes: hand-me down from our grandmother: free
earrings: made by our Mom - (same from yesterday)

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. I love your color choices today! The purple and coral colors complement each other really well and the way you styled your button down makes it look almost completely different from yesterday's. In fact, if it weren't for the color, I would think it was a different shirt! :)

    1. Thanks!!! Hopefully I will pull it off again tomorrow. :D

  2. I agree with Jill that your shirt looks totally different worn this way.

    I like both your casual themes - not very often we see you in jeans Megan.


    1. Thank you Rebecca! I do not normally post pictures of me in jeans because they use to be the "super baggy" look which is never flattering. Now I make sure I can't grab a whole handful of fabric (while wearing them) and they look way better now. I will admit I normally wear them at least once a week because they are fast & easy to "throw on" and everything goes with denim but it is rare for me to find a jean skirt I like- I really just need to sew one. ;) I still enjoy my jeans though.


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