Monday, January 23, 2017

Debt - newly completed archived post (2016)

Let me start by saying I am really "screwed up", I have weaknesses, I make mistakes daily, I am a slob and fail daily at my chosen profession. Thankfully I'm a sinner covered by God's grace and Jesus's sacrifice has paid it all. I will continue to work on my shortcomings. I would have thrown in the towel ages ago if not.

I would also love to babble on about fluffy life stuff from home, but I'm going to just be honest with you first and save the "fun and feel good" stuff I love for another post. This post is more directed at those my own age, older than me, and younger than me. I won't pretend with you as I stated, and I am in no position to judge you- that is NOT my place. So please, open your heart to hear this if you need to and know that I make just as many mistakes as you do daily. Without further babble...

Again, please read to the end and hear me out.

My unfiltered opinion (warts and all). Most people have been weighted down with debt. The sad truth is it normally starts at 18 when society/family/peers say we need to leave home, get a job, start college, get a car.... The list goes on forever. How to we normally keep afloat? A job sure, with what you can fit in between social and college hours. Commonly, low paying. How do we amend this? DEBT. Namely, credit card debt. Credit card companies KNOW this! They prey on young adults just getting started. I can't tell you how many I've received, cramming my mailbox almost daily! Every one of those has hit the dustbin. Have I ever borrowed money? Yes, I told you I've made mistakes. Was the CC for braces needed? No. I could have waited. My old used car was only $2400, such a good deal for a good little car...did we need it? No. We could have shared a car longer. The list goes on. Am I thankful for them still - YES! Was it worth it? No, it is n-e-v-e-r "worth it".

The lie is that you "need" a CC to build credit.

God has really pressed on me that I should write about this, why not on Facebook? Facebook really is just a way for people to have an excuse to fuel their drama/opinions everywhere, so countless times the message intended gets lost. That is why this post is blocked from comments because I want you to hear free of the influence of others opinions and seek what's best between you and God. Only you and God decide. Married couples? Together and with God. Hard but simple.

IF you find yourself upset by your own debt and want to change that. Do the research, find another way, pay back debt. Forgive yourself, start again.

I know I might be stepping on toes, and that is NOT my intent. God has shown us that living as debt-free as possible is what is best for our family. I just want you to be aware, decide between YOU and GOD what is best.

(original post- dated June 2016)