Monday, August 26, 2013

Silly Problems :)

First off, let me say - if you send me cards or letters, I LOVE receiving them! It thrills me to go to my mailbox and not just receive the next bill to be paid. Let me also say, this is such a seemingly silly problem (and it is) that I probably am silly for posting this blog. ;) So, without further stalling my question is this: What do you do with old cards or letters you have received? Do you bother storing them? Trash them after reading?

Normally, when I receive birthday cards I feel too guilty to just read & toss. I usually have them, until I can no longer stand them being in my way (I am a major purger, just ask my hubby) OR until they have something spilled on them, or they get torn accidentally. Christmas cards I enjoy for the season, then I toss them - except for the Christmas letters from our extended family, it is good to look back on what was going on in life at that time.

However, I still have all my graduation cards & our wedding cards - I am not sure why. I guess because the are huge markers of life changes. I still get amused when I go through them, and I see where four different families sent/gave us the same wedding card, or smile at the kind thoughts or letters we were sent, or the picture my sister drew of us.

Do you do anything creative with old cards? What is your policy with old cards?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment. :D

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