Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WHY doesn't he HELP?! - She asks

I know it is the age-old question - "My hubby has only been at work! Does he have any idea how hard I've been working? I'm exhausted and I still have a zillion things to do - he doesn't know the meaning of work!" Don't lie, we've ALL thought it! Joshie and I don't even have children yet and I have thought it - probably said it too...*sigh*. Anyway, think about it ladies your husband is out in the work force, he is subjected to all this pressure. He comes under the scrutiny of his boss, his co-workers, not to mention himself! So with that in mind, put yourself in his shoes- when he comes home and you just say "Why can't you help more, you never do enough around here!". Ladies, I am not saying you don't call for help from your hubby at all, or ask him to do something. Regardless, let him come home - greet him with a SMILE, be dressed and "prettied up" from him(this is the hardest for me, and I rarely seemed to do it) before you bombard him with everything wrong, or who broke the new lamp. Let him get changed, settled in, feed him dinner - whatever your hubby's nightly routine is. I know, I know it won't be possible every night - but just try to make that more the norm. so he feels love coming from you and it isn't just another thing wrong or that he needs to fix, or clean. Yes, he needs to hear about issues you are married for pete's sake! I used to get angry because my hubby wouldn't help, or he would but I would feel guilty. I came where I just would expect nothing from him that I don't really need help with. Chores isn't one of them, yeah I work my butt off - but that is very okay with me because making him feel at home, relaxed, loved is most important to covey to him I believe. Not to mention it makes me feel very good when I have things done, and pretty for him - clothes folded, in their drawer - bed made - etc. I want him to come home and feel zero pressure to do anything but recharge for returning to work, because that is what he does - not because he wants to but because he loves me and works to support our home, our family even if he doesn't "feel" like it. We don't always "feel" like getting up - cleaning, cooking, watching kids, etc. but we do! Regardless, of how we "feel". I try daily to keep to that thought, I get over what I "feel" and do it anyway because I know my hubby is hard at work for us. I mess up sometimes(okay, a lot), we all do with life and because we are just plain human. The point is don't let it defeat you! Read your bible(even if it is only for 15min - you will come to crave and enjoy it!), pray for strength throughout the day! If you mess up, start again with your day! Above all, don't let yourself dwell on "why me? why do I have to do all this? etc. - words and thoughts can either be poison or a blessing to you, they have power.

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