Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Craft & Business Corner - and some Doctor Who thrown in!

Just a simple Ikea (expedit) bookshelf, laid on it's side(the other box is just an extra square I picked up for $5? from a friend who was moving). :D Soon I am going to add another one beside it and also put my art on the wall, so this is a work-in-progress! Just thought I do a quick posting of what Hubby and I have been up to! Joshie put it up for me and I organized it how I want it. :)

Speaking of crafts, I also have just started making a baby afghan ( no, I am not preggy...yet. This is for those future babies though! )

My Aunt Jess came over for a crocheting day so I was drooling over her afghan book so much, then started this blanket that my Mom bought it (the book) for my birthday! WOOT WOOT! 

I added a color(green - also part of my birthday gifts from my Mom), I am really happy with the colors now! :D 

Hope you are all doing well - I will post again with progress on this afghan, not to mention my craft corner! If you miss my post - simply search "puffs baby blanket" in my tags. The same if you are looking for my "craft corner"

Now calling to my geeky side as I wait in great anticipation for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who...

Yipee! Not to mention I am bouncing off the walls that my favorite doctor, aka #10 (David Tennant) is coming back for it! 

This is old news if you are a fellow Whovian like me, but if you are new to Doctor Who - I highly recommend watching all 5 series before it comes on in Nov! (seriously give it at LEAST the first two series before you call it quits or start with series 2 - but that is just me because I love David T. as the Doctor. :D)
So as I wait with bated breath about the special my hubby bought me series 2-4 for my birthday on Amazon Instant Play. ( So much cheaper than the discs )

So now I can always watch Dr.Who wherever I am! ( if it ever decides to leave Netflix, which for $8 if worth seeing all the Doctor Who episodes if you want to see them! )

Anyway, ta-ta for now! :)

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