Monday, April 8, 2013

Not a diet, a LIFESTYLE change!!

To tell you this story, which is quite silly to share at all - I must give you a little back story. 

I LOVE potatoes, I mean really really love them. They are by far my favorite food, and I crave them above pretty much anything with sugar. Honestly, all sweets could fall off the edge of the earth and I wouldn't care! Now, don't get me wrong - I do enjoy sugar a lot! :D As so of you know I have started the new lifestyle (NOT a diet, I refuse to call it that because it is the way and style I eat that counts! I want to be able to live a long life, and show my kids how to as well) of eating with the book "Trim, Healthy Mama" 

- I know, I know not the coolest name ever and I am not a Mom(yet ;), but this way of eating is for ALL people, guys you too - I say this so if you are thinking you are excluded because of the title, think again! heehee. I'm just teasing, in no way pressuring you, though I encourage you to try this! It REALLY works. 


Anyway for this new way of eating, potatoes are not included. I was(am) sooo sad that my lovely potatoes are against the rules. I always said I would never, ever give up potatoes for a "diet". I have stuck to my guns during the week(and I have been following this for almost a month now), not ONE potato item - even when we went to Bill Millers and my siblings had fries. Cheat day is on Sunday, so that is my time to have my naughty potatoes, but as I ate my fries from McD's this last week I realized that they were not as magical to me as before. It really shocked me! I thought I might never have a hope of being able to avoid them, or at least go two weeks (maybe) without having any potatoes. Have I bored you yet? Yes, all this is about my separation from potatoes, sad ain't I? heehee I don't care! Giving up my favorite food is WORTH IT to me to feel good, have energy, be healthy. This is NOT about losing weight, though that is a major plus! 


I am all about the baby steps with this change, I understand twenty-one years of eating the way I have doesn't change overnight - I started with smaller portions - following the book rules for eating - exercise (because I WANT to!) - have a cheat day! - If I mess up and "cheat" it is okay, I would rather cheat and stick with this lifestyle then be strict and get tired of the rules, then drop it completely! - doing it for me, my health, my future! - praying for strength to continue doing better and keeping with it because I know I don't have the strength myself alone!

Like I said, baby steps! That was important for me. You may be different, but if I feel suffocated by a new change I am not going to stick to it very well. Seven months ago I had been on this diet for a few months, weighed in at 176.6 - my highest EVER for me - got down to 163.6

well then I did the biggest mistake of all. I went off my "diet" around the time Thanksgiving came around, six months passed and I FINALLY got back to eating well. In this first month(even with a cheat day every Sunday), I am ALMOST back to that 163.6(weighed in Nov 15, 2012) at 164.0 yesterday. I feel good about my progress, even if the scale isn't moving fast, I am looking AND feeling better! Gotta say, the way I feel I have barely missed all the soda I used to drink, and all the candy and donuts I had! I just wish I hadn't gone off track, who knows where I'd be now on the scale, and the way I feel! O.O Ah, well - no use crying over lost time! :D At least now I have learned my lesson - the hard way. 

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