Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hope & Love

Recently, I have engrossed myself in His word, and I find myself not wanting put my bible down because I am so absorbed in the words! This is such a new found freedom, though I love God and attend church, I haven't taken the time for his WORD. It is so true if you make God FIRST in your life, everything seems to fall in place. Even my sorrow in not having a baby. I am okay, I will survive because God is my strength and my hope! Praise Him in the day and the night! Today, my room was a disaster zone, and He gave me the strength to complete the floor & VACUUM! Tomorrow, surfaces! I know this doesn't seem to huge to anyone outside of me, but before I would have wallowed in beating myself down for not keeping a simple room clean, and not having it looking nice for my hubby not to mention myself. (to be clear Josh is nothing but a support to me and my short comings.) Today, I am so very thankful my husband. In spite of ALL my many short comings he never fails to show his love for me, he makes mistakes of course- we both do, we are only human. I know God gives him the strength to deal with me (and I him, heehee) and work, etc. I am so so very thankful for him having such an open heart to God and what His will is!

What has me thinking so much about this is....A friend(to remain unnamed for privacy) whom has several children, and is expecting- her husband has turned from Christ and so in turn has told his wife he no longer wants part in the marriage, that he is not in love with her, etc. If you are reading this dear sister, my heart aches for you!! I am praying hard for you and your family, as I ask those that read this to reach out in prayer to her!

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