Thursday, March 3, 2011

An unexpected morning funny

To know why this is so rare, you have to know the background so let me start by explaining it.

Ever since I got married I have had the craziest sleeping schedule, it is gone from where I would finally fall asleep at 5am and wake up at 4pm to where I would fall asleep around 1am and wake up at 11am (the normal before I got married was 1am-8/9am) My dear husband, Joshua until this week has had crazy work hours some days he works 1pm-11pm (this does not include him having a 42 mile drive, one way, which with traffic took between 45min-1hr), or 5am-3pm, or 3pm-11pm, or 11am-7pm...and I know I am forgetting other odd times he would start. For those of you who aren't aware where my husband worked before FT was at Chick-Fil-A as an Asst.GM. Now he is in training as a "Loan specialist" at USAA. So now he wakes up around 6am, leaves around 6:45 and with the horrid traffic at that time get there usually early, sometimes right on time. Meanwhile since this is a new schedule my sleeping hours are still way off, I mean this week one night I finally got to sleep by 4am and woke up around 3pm, another night 2am and up by anyway last night I was working on some online stuff that had to wait for Josh to get home, I was finished by 11pm (I started later than I meant to around 9:30pm, so that was my own fault) or so I thought I had made a stupid error in saving the file I was working on so that I had to start (from scratch) at 11pm, and Josh (lucky guy) was heading off to bed. So I thought "ugh, I am feeling so icky and I need to get this done and I really don't want to do it tomorrow." So I pushed through and finished by 12:30am, I wasn't feeling tired but felt so icky because of my allergies that all I felt like doing was going to bed so I wouldn't feel it. Thankfully, God was mercifully and I fell asleep fast. I woke up from thirst at 6am (really weird for me, I never normally wake up to do that, or use the restroom), only 15min till Josh's alarm goes I wait for him to wake up, so he can get ready, etc. So here I am actually GETTING UP with my husband, so I can start my day with him and have my morning coffee (very important of course). When we finish having our coffee, I walk him outside to our car (can you see where this is going?...haha), wave goodbye as he drives off and I turn to go back inside the house and it's locked! Unknown to me, my sweet husband had gone on autopilot and locked the knob as he walked out before I did (he also didn't realise I was going to follow him out) and I have just shut the door to keep the doggies in. Anyway, I am standing there looking really odd in my bathrobe and pj's, no cell phone or keys, in a neighborhood where I don't know anyone very well. First I tried the front windows, taking off the screens and hoping on the off chance I had failed to lock them (we had been keeping them open during the day in the recent weeks to let the cool air in, but now it is getting too hot), haha I was too efficient for that, they were locked. My next option was to go to the backyard, well our wooden gate door REFUSED to budge for me. Now here is a funny picture, a young woman in a ratty looking green bathrobe, stepping on the trashcan (the tall newish kind that are what like 50gal?) to climb over the fence. (I really hope nobody caught me doing this or they have gotten a really good laugh this morning on my expense, heehee) You know what is even funnier? Having to go through the dog door to even get in my own house! (Thank you Father we didn't have that locked still from the night!)

So that was my morning laugh, I hope I never repeat! My hands are still burning from the top of the fence, haha. :D

Hope you all have a blessed rest of the day!

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