Friday, February 20, 2015

Handwashing VS Dishwasher

Now don't get me wrong, I love having a dishwasher. It makes a very satisfying noise that I like to hear as it disinfects and dries them. I can happily move onto the next thing while it's working. However, even after replacing our broken dishwasher with another one that still doesn't work. I just am going to concur that we are not meant to have one at this time. There are also eleven of us living in one home, that makes the dishes a little crazy. To give you an idea we can be using six burners at once, we may look a little ghetto using a plug-in dual burner next to the cooktop but it gets the job done! Yeah, you know those cooktops that have six burners and you're thinking: "Why in the world would you need that many burners? When would I ever use them?"Yeah, we would. But, I'm getting off track dreaming about amazing cooktops and dual ovens (see how I threw those in the conversation too?)....but that is a post for another day. I am quite the lazy homemaker, so when I complete a load-full of dishes I feel my work is should be done. So I can easily talk myself out of the rest for some lame reason, normally: "Well, I have to wait for the dishwasher to finish anyway..." With handwashing, there isn't any of that for me. I can keep plugging away until the job is complete, with joy in my work. Yes, even when washing dishes for eight and not just two at times. ;)
 ( Disclaimer, we have plenty of hands to help with the dishes but if I'm already there I love washing until the job is complete! ) So while loving the dishwasher (when it works) I think I really prefer handwashing because while I don't get the satisfying noises of the dishwasher and I have more time on my feet at one time I love to look at the amount done on top of a towel, and then put it all away and not have to wait to complete my task. What are your thoughts? Handwash or Dishwasher? ;)

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