Saturday, February 18, 2012

In sickness...

My dearest has been off work for a little over a week now, and wouldn't you know? We both have been sick, pretty much the whole time. Nothing severe just a weird bug and allergies. Two things my love hates most, espesically having them on vacation time. I must say I am not the best at compassion for his discomfort, when it has gone on this long (....that just sounds awful). I keep thinking "why can't he just NOT complain SO much?" or "I know he feel icky, but so do I!"...*sigh* Me, me, me. I am so very self-absorbed, marriage has given me a reality check into just how selfish I am. Marriage is about a husband and wife being there for each other....even down to our vows we said "In sickness and in health". Before I got married, I saw this through some major "rose colored glasses". I never imagined it would be hard! It is hard enough living with yourself, but adding a person you are supposed to care of, and love and commit to isn't easy. Just like it isn't easy commiting to God, because sometimes He can lead down a scary path, and you have to trust that He is there holding your hand.

Not that I am trying to scare you unwed ladies out there! Marriage is by far the best experiance I have ever encounter, and the good far outweighs the bad. It is a blessing having a husband I can count on and trust that he will be doing his best to make the right choices, as God shows him the path.

As my Mom always puts it: "When he is driving you CRAZY, just remember it is only a 5%. Meaning out of a 100%, only 5% is the part that drives you up the walls. (trust me this will happen, and the BEST way to learn patience, is living with your siblings. If you can keep calm with them, you will have a much easier time in a marriage.)

Hmmm, I think I have been carrying on enough, mainly when I am frustrated I stop talking and just try to take some deep breathes, and then as I had to do tonight apologise for again being rude and disrespectful for his feelings. Praying for patience is needed, as I have been doing so this must be my test >.< I keep wishing my week to become normal again to escape this, which makes me feel HORRID for wishing! I love spending time with my hubby and have LOVE having him home for Valentine's week. Tomorrow is the last day before he has to return to work, I hate that I have made him feel that I am tired of having him home.

Please married ladies out there!

-What have you found helps when you are bubbling up with frustration?

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